Monday, May 18, 2009

A little adventuring!

Since we have a little bit of free time (and some early graduation gifts) we decided to take off for the weekend.

We took off from Portland, headed up to Victoria, British Columbia for a day and then over to Seattle for a Mariners game. Getting to and from Canada we took ferries and enjoyed the beautiful sights of the pacific and the San Juan islands. Lucky for us, last weekend was the best weather of the year thus far!

Crossing the Straight of Juan de Fuca. Those are the Olympic mountains in Washington state, and on the water is a submarine!

The parliament building in Victoria.

Victoria herself, well, in statue form at least!

Inside the parliament building.

Gretzky, not just for Hockey anymore... :) We didn't try his wine, alas.

English and French as official languages leads to more exciting cereal boxes! Vive le Capitaine! (Although I'm sure even in French, Captain Crunch still cuts up the top of your mouth...)

On the way back to Washington, traveling through the San Juan Islands. Everyone who had a boat was out enjoying the water.

More San Juan Islands. The water was so calm and glassy!

Yay! Safeco field and the Mariners game! Mariners v. Red Sox! There were actually a lot of Oregon State jerseys around the stadium since the center fielder for the red sox, Jacoby Ellsbury, went to OSU. His hometown is actually Madras, Oregon, so he was a local favorite all around.

The amazing view from the stadium, the spaceneedle is to the left of the second light post.

One of my good friends lives in Montana right now, but she's a die hard red sox fan, so she was in Seattle for the series and we got to see each other for a bit! Yay! I'm sure one day the Red Sox will play in Missoula...uh huh...yup...

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Dewey said...

I can't BELIEVE you didn't buy a case of the Gretzky wine for last week's celebrations. Of course, considering what a premium vintage this is I'm sure there were a few bottles in the Veritable Quandary cellar...