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Friday, November 25, 2011

Dewey Requests an Update

Halloween 2010...what a bunch of nerds! (this took A LONG time to draw and paint. It seemed like such a simple idea....)

Cal v. Oregon 2010 (@Cal, we won't talk about who won....) Like any trip to the bay area Zachary's Pizza and In n' Out were heavily featured. 

Ummm...I have no idea when this is from, but I'll say Valentines day 2010, and I am clearly putting on the moves. You're welcome for me including such touching moments. 

January 2011 -- JEOPARDY CHAMP! Holy Molie! Symphonicity biatches!

April 2011 -- Timbers Join Major League Soccer, us at their Home Opener sitting in the Timbers Army (where we have had season tickets for a couple of years now). 

 We still play kickball with our team--New Kicks on the Block (aren't we cleaver with our name and stuff?). 

Please note that we take kickball seriously. My stance is aggressive, there is a legit scoreboard, our socks are bright. Watch Out. (Side note: in this picture we were playing the team that won the league championship this season, and they destroyed us on the scoreboard, but we definitely talked a better game than them. Psh!). 

 June 2011 -- Disney World Trip! We had dinner at a steakhouse in the Canadian pavilion at Epcot and it came out that Genaro was a Jeopardy champ, so the waiters were way excited that such a Canadian-appropriate quasi-celebrity was dining in their restaurant and they made him wear three birthday pins that said, (1) "I was on Jeopardy!" (2) "And I won..." (3) "A LOT!!" Which leads to other cast members outside of the restaurant saying, "Happy Birthday 'And I won'.....uhhh....what?"

Group shot from Disneyworld -- matchy matchy shirt day! hoorah! We're so happy and warm!

Halloween 2011 -- We were sooooo angry. (Also my sewing machine may never forget me for learning how to use it while making these costumes). Tweet, tweeeeeeet!

November 2011 -- engaged! 

Tuh Duh! :o)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

Pub quiz!

Being nerdy lovers of trivia, we have started going to local pub quiz events here in Portland. Nerd time and beer time, all together -- hoorah. Well, we found the perfect combination of nerdy knowledge with our new quiz team -- winners last week! yay! (and there are so many nerdy trivia lovers in Portland, that's a serious accomplishment!).

Anyways! This is all an excuse to post the picture the pub quiz host took of our fearsome team -- BEHOLD, the New Quiz on the Block! (name slightly altered from our kickball team, The New "kicks" on the block. hehe!)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Our homemade costumes for this year. Maybe we've been playing too many video games?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This summer a group of us law grads joined an adult kickball league here in Portland. That's right, a bunch of weekend warriors busting our butts to run around bases and hopefully catch those fly balls. You should all officially move to Portland so you can join our team!

Anyways, my real motivation in posting about our kickball team is to gush over how much I love the team names. Some of my favorites (and keep in mind they provide beer to all the teams, so it's a very jolly time): "Booze on First", "Socialist Kicktators", "Where My Pitches At?", and possibly the best team name ever: "Ricardo Montalballs"

Our team name: New Kicks on the Block

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Post-Bar Celebrations

We finally finished all that bar exam junk and we got out of town ASAP! We visited Genaro's family in New York and Maine and had an absolute blast. Here is a photographic rundown.

Hanging out on the raft anchored in front of the cabins in Maine.

The best glass of all time, although we didn't play any tennis, we played corn hole!
The photos below are on the lawn of one of the cabins right on lake Alamoosook.

For those unfamiliar with the game, you play on teams of two and try to through the bag of corn throw the hole on the board (thus "corn hole"). 1 point for any bag on the board, 3 points for a corn hole.

Ambushed by photographers on our way to the lobster feast!

Lobster boat of the coast at Acadia National Park.

A shot of downtown Bucksport, the small town lake Alamoosook is by.

A shot from Camden, Maine.

NEW YORK! Pizza! Yay! This was a place called Lombardi's. Absolutely delicious, although I still prefer Portland's Apizza Scholls.

We spent a lot of time at museums. We made it to the Met, MOMA, the Natural History museum, but when we walked up to the Guggenheim we learned it was closed on Thursdays. Someone else had already written that note and left it on the closed sign. We detoured to Central Park and walked almost the entire length of the park. Phew.

Water reservoir in the park.

A castle in the park!

A photo for the legal nerds. This is the edge of the Brooklyn bridge--is Genaro stepping on to the bridge, or just preparing to step on to the bridge?

A shot of Manhattan from the ferry ride across the Hudson.

Below are some favorite pictures from the art museums.